Rudiments 2.1

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Rudiments 2.1 is the latest released product for teaching and learning Rudimentary music theory. It covers preliminary Rudiments, grade 1 and grade 2 music theory. This new and interactive teaching tool will benefit music teachers and students. It is the most comprehensive and complete software product for teaching and learning Rudimentary music theory. Software is intended for Intermediate, High School and College level students and any student preparing for institutional exams.


- 98 lessons with several exercises increasing in difficulty. (view screen samples)
- Practice mode and test mode.
- Import and export user profiles to send by email.
- Context sensitive help for all lessons covering theory and objectives.
- Student progress table showing student average, lesson attempts, and lesson completion statistics.
- Incorrect answers are shown in red with tooltiptext, giving students the opportunity to make corrections.
- 9 categories of rudimentary music theory.
- Reporting tools for filtering lessons and printing student results.
- Network support for use with Ensemble 2.1.


Notation Note placement and identification for treble, bass, alto, and tenor clefs. Note values. Tones and semi-tones
Scales Placement and identification of key signatures. Major and minor scales. Relative keys. Chromatic scales. Supporting all clef signs. Supports degrees and semitones of the scale.
Intervals Placement and identification of major, minor, augmented and diminished intervals. Inversions. Compound intervals.
Triads Placement and identification of major, minor, augmented, and diminished triads. Inversions. Open chords
Cadences Placement and identification of perfect, plagal, and imperfect cadences.
Dominant 7th Placement and identification of dominant 7th chords and it's inversions.
Time and Rhythm Adding bar lines. Completing measures with rests. Grouping notes to form a complete measure. Supports all tuplets.
Transpositions Transposing to different keys, clefs, and instruments. Open score to short score transpositions
Definition of Terms Supports Italian, German, and French terms

Platforms Supported:

Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows ME
Windows NT
Windows 2000

Mac users: Power Mac, including G3, PowerBook and iMac:

Have a look at Windows 98 emulators for the Macintosh. We suggest you try Rudiments 2.1 on SoftWindows 98 by FWB Software or Virtual PC by Connectix.

Software Vendor Web Address
SoftWindows 98 for Macintosh FWB Software
Virtual PC Connectix

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